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"God’s Government & Authority are incontestable, that is His Power & Majesty are enough to support His Authority!" Prophet TB Joshua


Zama from Orlando East went blind when he was 6 years old. His blindness was first discovered in the classroom.

He is now 13 and lives with his grandmother. If you are able to assist Zama in any way please contact us.

We were given a house to run but it has no electricity. It consists of nothing other than large rooms which desperately need renovation.

If you are able to assist in any way, please contact
Omeida Trading 178
2006/07 South Africa Survey
Latest HIV/AIDS and Poverty statistics

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Christmas Eve 2007
Distribution of bread to those in need at the Johannesburg Central Methodist Church.
Refugees were given bags of cabbages and bread.
Can you please help Djembe? He needs an operation as his face is deformed.
Achievement: We were given a house to run but it has no electricity. It consists of nothing other than large rooms which desperately need renovation.
Children of Zama-Impilo squatter settlement & Orlando East receiving Christmas gifts from Omeida Trading 178
Queuing to get food.
There was plenty of food for every deserving child.
Children dancing & performing a drama session.
Just before the children received their gifts, there was a stampede outside the hall.
We catered for 15,000 but over 45,000 children showed up.
Children busy eating.
We couldn’t do it without the elderly.
We organized a party for the victims of abused HIV children in Johannesburg Central
Simon – Government CDW (Community Development Worker).
16 Days of activism.
Group from Christ Impact.
Youth gathered together.
Owner of SPAR giving food parcel donations.
Metro Police also joined forces with SAPS to support Omeida Trading 178.
Detective Cst. Nalana from FCS (Family Violence, Child, Sexual Offences Unit) from the SAPS giving a moving speech against abuse.
Braai for the victims.
Youth singing against HIV.
Matthews Buthelezi from Omeida Trading 178 handing pamphlets to the youth who arrived in large numbers.
The youth really enjoyed themselves, forgetting about their problems for a while.
To mark World AIDS Day on December 1 2007, Omeida Trading 178, in association with Hillbrow SAPS, organized a soccer match for the street kids, the poor community and HIV positive people and treated the orphaned children to Mc Donald’s.
Centre for vulnerable kids and after school care.
150 Breads daily.
Nkosi Haven.
Give bread daily.
Storage for bread.
The House for abondoned girls.
Give bread daily.
Poor Community .
500 breads daily.
Mother Teresa's Hospice.
Giving bread to Hillbrow SAPS Trauma Unit ± 10 loafs every day.
Abandoned Children with full blown AIDS from Mother Teresa's Hospice.
± 500 breads daily.
Training health reps to go door to door teaching abstinance or dangers of unprotected sex.
Former Miss South Africa.
CEO of Premier Soccer League - Mr Kjitel Siem.
Children that were getting bread.
Now Graduating
Pledge - CHildren want a meal.
Vulnerable & After School kids.
Yeoville SAPS & victim empowerment get 150 breads daily.
The effects of ARV.
Door of hope in Berea, abandoned children as young as a day old getting 100 breads daily.
Berea Baptist Church.
Get 100 breads daily.
Homeless people getting 250 breads daily.
Central Methodist Church. They have a refugee camp for Africans.
1000 Breads daily.